McEachern Cemetery

The McEachern Cemetery, one mile southeast of the Mill Prong House, contains not only the graves of builder, John Gilchrist and family, Archibald McEachern and his descendants but also the graves of many members of the large Highland Scots community who established here in the upper Cape Fear region the largest settlement of their people in the United States.

See the list of tomb inscriptions here:

African-American Cemetery

Adjacent to McEachern Cemetery (closer to Little Raft Swamp) is the African-American cemetery, which contains the graves of formerly enslaved persons of Mill Prong and surrounding plantations, as well as other local African-American individuals. Few gravestones remain from this burial site and documentation is very limited. One of the ongoing projects of Mill Prong Preservation is to document and recognize the persons buried here. Anyone having knowledge of an individual buried here is encouraged to reach out to the Mill Prong Preservation Board at millprongprez@gmail.com