Restoring Mill Prong

In June of 2023, the Board of Directors of Mill Prong Preservation, Inc. embarked on a campaign to restore Mill Prong through soliciting grants and donations from our supporters. 

The house was beautifully restored in 1993, but time and natural disasters have been unkind to this stately home.  The hurricanes of 2016 and 2017 caused permanent damage to both chimneys, leading to one chimney falling and the other to begin separating from the house. The portico on the front of the house has rotten wood and missing banisters. The roof has held up nicely since the 1993 renovation, but needs replacing. The shutters and siding are warped and rotten in parts and need to be replaced. In short, repairs to this property are long overdue. 

Please read the annual letter to members written by Rebecca Vinroot, President of Mill Prong Preservation, Inc.

Will you help us restore Mill Prong to its former glory?

The Current State of Mill Prong in Pictures

March 2024

October 2023

July 2023